We humans do almost everything to feel better or not to feel worse. We are mostly unaware of it, because everyone does it and nobody makes us aware of it. We run and make and buy and strive and keep running ... and there all ...

we do almost everything ... to feel better ...?

We almost do everything to make us feel better or to feel .

We are mostly unaware of this because everyone does it and no one alerts us.

We run and make and buy, and we strive and keep running ... and all the time It does not stand out after any goals have been reached.


That almost all of us work constantly to feel better, or in any case, not worse.

Just - why are we feeling bad at all?

Have you ever thought how it works to make you feel bad?

You may spontaneously think of some things or situations as to why you can feel bad.

Funny thing about all these things or situations is that there are other people in the world Do not feel bad about the same situation?

If it was the thing or the situation, then all people in the same situation would have to feel the same bad ... which is not the case.

Yeah, you might say, that's different from person to person, that's what makes us humans.


The fact is that it's something Must be individual, which makes you feel bad about the situation.

But, what is this individual?

There are terms such as:

... that's just me

... that's me

... that's my character

... that's my personality

... that's just me


But what is this me, this personality?

The more you realize that this personality is completely unreal So far from reality, the fewer situations that will make you feel bad.

Without faith, it's extre m hard to impossible to feel bad.

Unfortunately, we have been told for ages that as humans we have to believe something. Even today countless people are still convinced (= believe it).- 25 years of age - or even earlier - until today the average year-feeling , no matter what you have done, achieved, bought and own today and how and where you live and with whom you are together ... - barely changed.

Most people start getting frustrated between the ages of 40 and 55, or even earlier, because all the things you've tried so hard to accomplish to feel better, not really worked.

This is because the intensity of the causal belief has not changed.

Glittering? Yes - magic.

Because without belief, every tension, every stress and every fear collapses. Without faith, you can not feel "bad". This, too, can be understood easily and logically by any person who is truly open to what is natural and real.

But the next problem is that no one can simply stop believing.

And now, you're going to ask, what does that help me with my fear - my thought and emotional chaos - my constant tension?

It's all about simple Exercises pretty fast that every person can experience how it feels without feeling. This makes it clear that there is a gratuitous sense of well-being. There are countless meditation techniques, breathing exercises, etc. For me, the simplest variant is the stress handbrake, which you can find on the start page of www.PräsenzMedizin.de.

So that this baseless well-being, but without Everyday, 365 days a year, that takes time, practice and rigorous inquiry into everything.

Ever since 2000, I have tried to do this in countless texts and pictures Explain what is real.

Only when it became clear that this could not work at all did I logically disassemble the illogicality of all the believing, leaving what is natural and real.

Trying to make everything easier to understand, so that everyone can understand it, then in 2014 resulted in the Presence Medicine poster, which explains all the problems of this world and also where the way out is.

This alone may sound like a total disaster to you megalomaniac and after spinning on, but is also completely logical and easy to understand.

In the further course then emerged various online video coaching and as a logical consequence of the numerous responses in early 2019 "Grundlos Wohlfühlen" - the study .

I am very grateful that it has been possible for everyone understandably to take the illusion in all its facets logically so that they can not continue to hold as before and more and more without end reasonless feel what is left is ... which is completely natural.

I wish all people who recognize the opportunity for themselves that this study brings with them, that the illusion begins to dissolve as soon as possible and you finally feel at ease for ... because it's natural .

Also enjoy the many "side effects" that come with your body when dealing with other people, with your children, your parents, your partner and that you finally enjoy the miracle here as the wonder you are.

Best regards

Volker man

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