For every person who takes a closer look, what is natural and real and what is believed and unreal, it seems like completely stupid that almost all people are convinced that they are that personality. How can we believe to BE something that is definitely never here? But except here-now the presence there is even ...

Why do we defend something with all our strength, which only gives us fear and suffering?

For every person who takes a closer look at what is natural and real and what is believed and unreal, it seems like completely stupid that almost all people are convinced they are that personality.

How can we believe something BE , which is definitely never here?

But except here-now the presence is nothing - Never!

Exactly speaking, this personality is just a collection of positive or negative stories projected on us only by our environment.

Personality is all that we have about ourselves believe , while that which is natural is just here - without believing something.

That is, what I call personality may have become us Tens of thousands awarded by the people in our environment. But it is utterly illogical to believe that even a review we've "cashed" has ever had anything to do with us.

This paranoia can only continue to work and lead to gruesome results if we People continue to believe that believing ever brings any small advantage to us.

The personality has nothing to do with the skills we have learned, such as driving or cooking or whatever always you have learned. You do not have to believe this, you can just do it. You'll never suffer from it either.

Whenever you believe that you're a particularly good driver, a poor driver or you can cook very well or cook very badly Sooner or later you will experience tension, stress and anxiety with this belief.

The question now is, how come that so many people defend this personality by all means? Something that does not really exist?

Something that only leads to tension/stress/anxiety and suffering and is not needed for anything else? And that is defended with great effort ???

We have learned since early childhood that this personality, what we just believe to be, is extremely important. We have been taught many strategies to be as good as possible in comparison to other people and to defend our supposed strengths and to work on our weaknesses or to hide them. It's always about being as valuable as possible and not belonging to the inferior people - the losers.

But this requires belief

We humans are naturally all different, but the unnatural, different valence is a worldwide delusion - a sheer illusion.

An illusion that is strongly believed has an impact on the emotional life and has many consequences for the body and the overall experience and behavior associated with the people around it.

A lot of effort is generally put into optimizing this personality.However, we can logically and easily understand that believing that all humanity is absolutely not required to enjoy this miracle of life without suffering in a natural, groundless sense of well-being.

The personality who believes only on the basis of seemingly exists, defends the belief quite vehemently, because it is the basis of their apparent existence and without faith of this personality just nothing remains.

It is just a widespread error that those who have a lot of money have and exercise power, etc. feel comfortable - far from it! If you think you are something better than other people, you feel as bad as if you think you are doing something worse.

Glauberei brings us the bad feelings, no matter if it's plus or minus!

We humans are all miracles, from top to bottom, that we do not understand at all. And everything around is also a miracle, which we do not understand.

We just keep doing it, as if we understand everything . This purely believed personality, which represents a paranoia, then lives in a projected megalomaniac, where she supposedly knows everything, but in fact only believes to know.

The only one what we humans know is that we know nothing and in the "nothing" lies all the wisdom that is accessible to us humans.

Glittering brings countless loveless to catastrophic results, with which many groupings, action groups, clubs and foundations deal today and with much effort and money try to eliminate these results or at least to improve something.

But as long as we do not see through all the magic as an illusion and still defending the personality as something really special can not really change anything on this planet towards naturalness and reality.

If we do not look first, what we humans are natural, or what we can not be, then it does not help much when we look after natural food, natural living, natural clothing, and so on.

Paranoia keeps on going Paranoid come out.

No one, however, is this paranoid personality! Neither do you!

Who wants to understand this logically, without having to believe anything, and of course wants to feel at ease without reason for no reason ... "Baseless well-being" - the study

Best regards

Dr. med. Volker Mann



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