Two and a half hours until Doomsday ... | Medizynicus doctor blog

In two and a half hours, the new General Data Protection Regulation will come into effect.
Then this blog may be illegal.
If I continue, as before, I'll become a criminal.
I've done no harm to anyone. I do not want to hurt anyone.
But I do not get it.
The panic has broken out within the blogger community: from tomorrow you can post photos with people, allow comments from readers or even save their IP numbers Having used social media buttons, having used amazon affiliate links, using akismet spam filters, is taking a high risk.
From tomorrow, the net belongs to the fined-hunters and caution gangsters.
Tell the one.
No need to panic, say the others, all half as wild. Privacy is basically a good thing. So it is.
But I'm not a professional, and when I'm tormented by what's been written on the subject in the last few weeks, I feel hot and cold.
I just do not get it. Maybe I'm too stupid, maybe I just do not have the leisure time to work on it as much as the lawgiver knows, or whoever's gonna ask for it. That's why there's a break here.
Breaks have been around again and again and will continue to do so in the future.
I would be happy to have the opportunity to continue at some point.


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