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Amanda Anspach, RYT-200

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Amanda just moved to Wheat Ridge from the Bay Area, California. For 12 years, basketball was her main source of movement until a career ending knee injury in 2005. That same injury is what initially led her to yoga. She did her first 200 hour training in 2012 in Rishikesh, India. Since then, her persistent wanderlust has landed her in nearly 20 countries studying, practicing, retreating, and teaching. In 2015, she also completed the SmartFLOW yoga training with renowned teacher, Annie Carpenter, who she continues to study with. Amanda's classes are an invigorating blend of alignment and flow. Each class aims to teach students to move intelligently, to heighten self awareness, and most importantly, to increase the peace! Here is what one of her students had to say: "In class, Amanda embodies a unique blend of intensity and calmness, of discipline and relaxed playfulness--a sort of walking embodiment of sthira sukha.

hOMe Yoga Studio Teacher Team Ana Balzar

Ana Balzar, RYT-200, LCSW

Ana believes that the journey to healing begins with achieving a sense of connection within ourselves, and that we innately have the tools we need to overcome our obstacles in life. However, sometimes we don’t know how to access our inner healer toolbox, or we get stuck and need guidance through our healing journeys. Ana combines evidence-based approaches and therapeutic yoga to guide her clients towards healing and embodying their authentic selves in every area of their lives. 

Nikki Banks, RYT-200

Committed yoga teacher, student, life warrior and self-explorer, Nikki comes from the School of Embodied Poetics, aiming at healing dysfunctional movement patterns. She infuses her body of work with authenticity and love. She guides practitioners to find inner strength and self-acceptance thru challenging & integrative sequences, humor and compassion. She is described by many as a fierce and generous leader. Off the mat Nikki is a devoted wife, business owner and mother of dogs.

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Bianca Barriskill, RYT-200

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Bianca is a Denver local with a passion for movement and flow. She is a teacher of clarity and
playfulness. She first discovered yoga in 2012 and fell in love with the exercise of breath work.
After graduating from Kindness Yoga’s 200 hour training Bianca learned to deepen her practice
through the art of playful discipline, and she continues to dedicate more to her spiritual and
physical practice through her 300 hour training. With an emphasis in Hot Yoga and Ayurvedic
teachings, she encourages her students to find fun and balance on the mat. Her yoga practice
encourages students towards anatomical alignment, personal growth and more importantly
access to the practice of yoga through self-discovery, mastery, and play.

Susan Dalen, RYT-200

Susan began practicing yoga as an avenue to get fit and healthier. She quickly fell in love with the practice and discovered how important yoga was for her physical, emotional, and mental health. Through yoga, Susan has reinvented herself, and has a new life mission supporting others through all of life’s joys, difficulties, and inevitable struggles.

Along with her yoga teacher training from Asana Studio, in Arvada, Colorado, Susan is a certified Speech-Language Pathology Assistant. Through these experiences, Susan works to integrate the mind and body in order to find a renewed sense of health for the entire being, on and off the mat. She loves to teach and thrives on connecting with other yogis and the yoga community. No matter what type of class she is teaching, she emphasizes a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere where yogis can reconnect with themselves and their breath on their yoga mat. Yoga is a constant practice and Susan looks forward to helping yogis find a path that works for them and helps them find their best self.


Erin Elston, RYT-200

Erin’s journey with yoga began in 2001 while trying to find methods for working through sports injuries. After becoming RYT200 certified in 2009 and exploring the many modalities of yoga Erin found the beauty in the subtle art of restorative yoga and now focuses on taking yogi’s on a renewing journey of their own. 

hOMe Yoga Studio Erin Elston

Kelli Gould, RYT-200

Kelli believes that yoga strengthens the body, calms the mind and awakens the soul. Her own soul was “awakened” in 2006 in the Thousand Islands, NY, where she discovered that yoga was more than just another form of exercise. It became a way of life. Incorporating Live Acoustic Music into her flow brings an added dimension to her class and is immensely popular with her students. Kelli delights in teaching all levels of students, from the first-timer to the advanced practitioner, and absolutely insists on having fun both on and off her mat! “People are stronger than they think they are. Inspiring students to challenge themselves both on and off their mat is the greatest gift I can offer.”

hOMe Yoga Studio Teacher Team Kelli Gould

Meghan Hennessy, RYT-200

Meghan Hennessy has been practicing yoga on for the last 11 years. Her love and passion for yoga blossomed 4 years ago after she attended a yoga retreat in Costa Rica where for the first time she felt the healing aspects of a consistent yoga and meditation practice. As a licensed clinical social worker, she immediately wanted to bring these aspects to the lives of others. Her teaching style combines meditation and pranayama with movement to encourage flexibility, strength and mindfulness. She aims to lead classes that are supportive, inspiring, and accessible to all students.

Jes Kimak, LCSW, RYT-200

Jessica’s first experience with yoga was an MTV yoga DVD back in high school. She took some time to fall into a deeper practice but when she did it helped cure a back injury she developed in college. She brings her love for neuroscience into every class combining science and the “spiritual stuff” in beautiful ways that brings students walking away from class feeling more connected to their body, mind and spirit. She has training in Kids yoga through Young Warriors and Trauma Informed Yoga through Street Yoga. She loves teaching yoga to all ages as a tool to connect to the mind in deeper ways.

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hOMe Yoga Studio Teacher Team Emily Powers

Emily Powers, RYT-500, E-RYT 200

Emily has been practicing yoga for over 16 years, taking her first class in high school. She taught her first class at 18, and became an RYT-200 in 2010, completing her teacher training at Asana Studio under Jenn Stewart.

In 2011, Emily took a 100-hr Anusara Immersion with Amy Ippoliti, and in 2014 she completed a Yoga Nidra teacher training with Jeremy Wolf. She graduated from the 500-hr Yoga Alliance approved teacher training in 2015 at Samadhi Center for Yoga & Meditation studying under Beth Sanchez, Hansa Knox, Cheryl Deer, Jeremy Wolf, and many others.

In every class she teaches, she offers laughter, safety, challenge, and joy. Yoga is so much more than just a sequence of poses, and Emily's goal as a teacher is to help each student find inspiration to pursue their own practice. She's taught yoga to beginners since 2010, and loves welcoming EVERYone to the mat.

Katie Ribas, RYT-200

Katie began her yoga journey in 2006 while studying opera performance University of Denver. She was searching for ways to free tension from her body and voice and to establish better breath technique. What she found resonated so much deeper and has evolved into a way of living. After completing her foundational teacher training in 2012 with CorePower Yoga, she moved to Paris, France and began teaching regular, weekly vinyasa classes until fall, 2017. During her years abroad she also earned certifications to teach children's and pre/post natal yoga. She often suggests in her classes that we are not necessarily there to practice yoga, rather to practice life. With informed alignment, our bodies will reap the physical benefits because the yoga does that work for us naturally. Meanwhile, let's find awareness of ourselves and our reactions to those physical experiences, and consciously guide them in positive directions that will help us outside of the studio. 


hOMe Yoga Studio Teacher Team Jenn Stewart

Jenn Stewart, E-RYT, RPYT

Born and raised in Colorado, Jenn has been teaching Yoga since 2006 and practicing since 1998.  Falling in love with an alignment focused practice, the amazing flow of a vinyasa practice & the spirituality of Bhakti yoga, Jenn has developed a style that combines all with the ultimate goal of always finding the best in her students.  Each class will have a different theme and focus so that students of all levels can find their divine centers and soar from their hearts.  Jenn challenges her students to learn about their bodies and understand that there are no limitations just different expressions of poses.  Her active flow and alignment classes will move with intensity and grace but still hold true to the roots of alignment.  Jenn also teaches prenatal and postnatal yoga, toddler yoga and has been blessed to have written and been director for two 200 hour Yoga alliance certified teacher training programs in the Denver area. Jenn’s mantra has always been simple, “Teach and learn with the heart!”

Nikki Sutton, RYT-200

Nikki first stepped onto the yoga mat in 2004 and fell quickly in love with the practice. Inspired to help others to realize the joy, gratitude, and self-awareness yoga helped her find, she has studied under various yoga teachers and taught at locations since 2007, both in the Washington, D.C. area and here in her home state of Colorado.  In addition to being a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), Nikki also practices Thai Yoga Massage, an integrative form of bodywork that fosters wellness of one’s whole being. 

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