What remains as the cause of all the physical symptoms when we are ready to consistently question all concepts, theories, ideologies and philosophies? How does our body know what to do to function optimally? Have you ever asked yourself: How do cells, cell constituents, organs and the whole body know what they are when and how?

Are physical symptoms the result of an illusion?

What remains as the cause of all the physical symptoms when we are ready to consistently question all concepts, theories, ideologies and philosophies ?

How does our body know what to do to function optimally?

Have you ever wondered:

How do cells, cell constituents, organs and the whole body know what to do when and how to get the result of an optimally functioning body?

What they are doing has been researched extensively, but how do they know what to do when and how ...?

When we get there To be honest, we come to the conclusion that we have no idea how health really works.

And then the question arises: how can we believe that we are producing health or maintain, if we do not understand how does it work?

Why do not we admit that we and everything around us is a miracle and that we have no idea?

"If we think we know, we just did not question it long enough."

What has a chair with physical discomfort? to do?

"What an ugly armchair," says her friend, as he enters the living room of her new, newly-acquired home.

You're upset because you've just bought this armchair with the utmost care in a special designer shop for a lot of money.

The mood falls into the basement ...

What does the chair have to do with your symptoms or physical ailments?

The chair has nothing to do with your symptoms, but the way your armchair is seen by your friend and you.

What's ugly or awesome to do with the chair?

Does that minus or plus rating say anything about the chair ?

Please take your time and think about it.

In all of Presence Medicine, you need and want me believe nothing. It's about looking together, what is natural and real, and what are just theories, concepts, ideologies or philosophies that are believed.

You will quickly come to the conclusion that the minus ( ugly) and the plus (supertoll) with the armchair have nothing to do with it.

That's always the case with everything!

That means: All ratings and reviews say nothing about what's being rated ...

... and all Reviews, whether plus or minus, just say something about what the believes who pronounces or thinks the reviews. (Deepening in online video coaching: "human perception")

You may also ask yourself here what this has to do with your physical ailments?

We come to answer this question. But take a little time and ask yourself if you are really ready to question everything?

So, if no rating has anything to do with the rated one So what about all the reviews (plus or minus) that others (sometimes tens of times) gave you during their lifetime? What do all the plus and minus scores have to do with yours?



Everything in nature is different.

But nothing has a different value in itself!

Take a quick look, What kind of feeling remains when you imagine that you have absolutely no idea about yourself? No idea how you are, what you are or who you are ...

Is there any fear left? Stress?

Certainly not and if it does, then repeat the questions a few more times.

If you have that feeling, which simply remains, compare to your average lifestyle, you will find that it feels a lot easier, more peaceful, if you do not believe you know anything about yourself, right?

The natural baseless wellbeing is always here for all -


We can only "break it down", in which we are collectively very good today.

Without fear , which the Circulation, the immune system, the nervous system, the brain function, the hormone secretions and any other area of ​​the body can mess up, as countless studies confirm,

how many diseases would be left ?

The connection between faith and fear

Fear without faith not at all. In some cases, as in the following story, this is easy to see. Often it takes a little more questioning and thinking, until you have found the magic behind the fear.

You come home late in the evening and enter the living room. A movement of the curtain in front of the patio door attracts your attention. Immediately the thought flashes through your head that someone is standing behind the curtain.

Until then, nothing really has happened yet.

However, if you now believe that someone is actually standing there, you quickly feel anxiety and all sorts of pain sensations in the stomach or elsewhere can occur.

The moment where you look behind the curtain and see that only the window has been tilted and the wind has moved the curtain, coincides with the thought - now debunked as an illusion - even the fear in itself.

If you had not believed the idea and just looked behind the curtain, you would have been spared the experience of fear.

No faith Scared!

Without belief, as you have exemplified, very simplified, in the Curtain story, is the experience of Ang in general not possible. Please check that for yourself too!

And - faith is not natural on closer inspection and is absolutely not necessary for us humans.

For the fictional personality, however, belief is vital because this ego-this personality-this plus-minus history collection seems to exist only with the help of faith. (Deepening in online video coaching: "The Faith to Know")

When we first take care of it and look together, which is natural and real and EVERYTHING are ready for questioning, it opens up undreamt-of possibilities for us humans.

And the symptoms can become less as a side effect or just disappear.

Nature in itself is perfect, but we do not understand it.(And faith-related beliefs represent only a minimal part)

If you then look for yourself how much lovelessness or crime is left without faith and we also have the faith that we humans must question something ...

... the wonder that you are left in the wonder around.

And this is not a fine painting, illusionary nonsense or spinning,

but simply logical .

Everything in detail on the subject of physical symptoms, step by step, easy to understand and for everyone logically comprehensible can be found in the online video coaching; "Physical symptoms". More information can be found here.

Do not believe me!

Best regards

Volker Mann


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