"You have to do something!", It echoes from the phone. Yes, who am I talking to? "Binswanger here, my mother is currently on her ward and that's not going on, hey ...

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"You have to do something!", it echoes out of the phone pleading.
Yes, with whom am I talking at all?
"Binswanger here, my mother is lying on her ward and that's not going on like that 'Doctor, you absolutely must do something!' "And what exactly should I do?" "Yes, that must stop, Doctor, absolutely! Make your influence felt. Tell her it must be over, absolutely, immediately, or there will be a catastrophe if it's not already too late, but Doctor, you're a doctor, surely you have options ... "" Okay , okay, okay, slow down! Ms. Binswanger senior is recovering from severe pneumonia, and basically, she's not even that bad. In a few days we want to dismiss her. Our social service lady is still figuring out if she needs any help at home, and when she's done with finding out, then Ms. Binswanger will return to her little cottage on the outskirts. So where is the problem?
"Yes, I have to go back a bit, Doctor, I hope you have a few minutes?"
No, not really. In five minutes the X-ray consultation begins. Although it is boring boring and my eyes are closed regularly, but still is not truing, it is because you have a very good reason, for example, the terribly important call an angry relatives. So, shoot 'em up!
throat clearing at the other end of the line.
"It started two years ago, Doctor. Since my mother has responded to such a message. Such an ad in one of the gossips, where they promise you the blue of the sky. Anyway, then such a fortune teller has answered. She called the very next day and then contacted me again and again. My mother was happy, she has no one else to talk to. Well, and then, of course, the fortune teller wanted to have some money, so of course not so direct, she did that quite skillfully, sent her letters all the time and worthless gifts, supposed miracle crystals and all that .... We saw through it at once, but our mother was just too good-natured! "
Did not you talk to her?
" Of course I explained that to her. And my brother too. We talked fuzzily. But you know, doctor, we're both over three hundred kilometers away and see our mother only a few times a year, it's not so easy! "
Yes, and what should I do now?
" Make your influence! As a doctor, you have authority. And can not you get a psychiatrist with you? Something is not normal, or what do you think, Doctor? "
Ms. Binswanger is indeed over eighty, but mentally fully on the same level. She does not need a psychiatrist ... can it be that she's just lonely?
"Of course, doctor, she has no one else .... but does she have to spend all her fortune with such a fortune-teller? "
There are admittedly more exciting ways to spend his money.
But first of all, I really have to go to the X-ray and secondly .... in the Rhineland one would say: every jeck is different!


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