No more lovesickness or jealousy - can you even imagine that? Why do some people suffer so much from lovesickness or jealousy and other people in similar situations touch this little or not at all? Are jealousy and heartache natural?

Lovesickness? - jealousy? - is it enough for you?

  • pain in the stomach or heart area, ...
  • "scary" feelings , such as worthlessness or deep grief, the fear of loneliness or the fear of never being loved by someone again ...
  • notions that "self-esteem" has been destroyed, the partner's "one and all" is now gone, life is destroyed ...
  • this list could go on for a long time ...

Many people experience these or similar phenomena in different degrees.

Do you have them? Why do some people suffer so much from lovesickness or jealousy and other people in similar situations touch this little if anything?
  • Why do some people suffer so much from lovesickness or jealousy?>
  • Where does all this "haunting" come from and is jealousy and lovesickness actually natural?
  • Why are there any seemingly Unstoppable automatisms that sometimes lead some to depression or even suicide?
  • Does jealousy and lovesickness have anything to do with you?

If Now, I'm telling you, all the emotional chaos you're suffering from is the result of an illusion, will not help you now, nor will you feel understood by it .

But the fact is that this is so.

To understand the illusion behind jealousy and heartache, it is crucial to be consistent question what we have learned, accepted and believed almost collectively on the following topics.

  • love
  • partnership/sexuality
  • feelings/Emotions
  • how human perception actually works
  • and what that personality actually is that suffers so much

jealousy and lovesickness are only results.

If you do not want to experience these results in the long run, you will not be able to avoid scrutinizing the illusionary beliefs behind them.

Why continue to suffer due to an illusion, based on learned and believed concepts, theories, philosophies or delusional ideas?

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The good news about jealousy and heartache is:

  • that is not the partner's and what he says or does not say or how he acts or does not act. If that were the case, then the situation would be hopeless, because trying to change people has been tried many times in human history, but has never really worked.
  • It's not about guilt .Everything else is just a construction in our head that we then believe to be. And as this believed construction (which we usually call personality, ego, or self-image), we then suffer people, e.g. jealousy or lovesickness.

    Unless we face the fact that we have no idea about nature (and we are part of nature), suffering can be quite In general on this earth and also the suffering under jealousy and heartache will not be less.

    You should and need absolutely nothing to believe me for it!

    Beneficial for It is, however, if you are willing to question everything that you have believed so far.

    It is in this article and the ongoing online video coaching that the illusion behind jealousy and heartbreak, coincides with logical consideration in itself.

    This will be obvious that

    feel groundless without end ...

    is not an advertising slogan, but it's also really possible for you,

    ... because it's natural.

    If is logically dismantled the underlying illusion and seen through, the result - not to last

    Let us look together what is natural and really is ... - - jealousy or lovesickness. may be worse off never for you.

    Whereby this text can only give you a glimpse.

    The thing that bothers most people about jealousy and lovesickness, and why they are looking for ways out of the dilemma of the "creepy"


    and just heartache and jealousy are often perceived as very strong feelings/emotions. Feelings and emotions However, on closer inspection are only results.

    It's a disruption of natural biochemistry as a consequence of belief .

    Here and now, of course - there is always absolute peace.

    If you are currently experiencing emotional chaos, you may shake your head at these words and are inclined not to finish the article because the one who writes there may have no idea how cruel this feels.

    That may be true, but you might also miss the opportunity

    to feel good for no reason without reason ...

    If the natural and the real can not be number 1 in your life, because there seem to be so many other soooo important things, then suffering will probably continue to be your experience. you can imagine spending about 20-30 minutes every day for what is natural and real, then anything is possible.

    When we talk about jealousy and lovesickness, it's a good idea to look first, for what love is?

    If I want to get rid of grief about anything or not, it should be clear what I'm so worried about, right?

    We've been from childhood much as love "sold" got, but this was much more often a business, as the natural love.This sounds more like "to give up" and completely misses the natural lightness of being. It's not surprising that more and more people live as singles.

    A loving partnership is the most natural and simplest thing ever.

    Only between two people who Both deeply believe they are a personality, it is completely impossible. It can, in the best case, end in a pseudo-harmony.

    Nobody has taught us to consistently question ourselves. When we do this on the subject of jealousy and lovesickness, we always end up with the widespread belief that we humans are this self-image (= personality = ego).

    The personality, on closer inspection, is a purely believed plus-minus history collection.

    It always finds something that is inferior , not perfect and not enough, as it is now.

    On the On the other hand, the personality always finds something that makes it more valuable and better to believe than other people.

    Stress, respectively fear brings both ideas with it .

    For example, if you think you are inferior to the average, you are jealous because the other person who is currently compensating for your inferred inferiority through encouragement, affection, good words, etc. that someone else could turn to you.

    That would make you stand alone with your supposed inferiority (which has nothing to do with what you really are).

    If you believe more To be worth the average, you are jealous because in your imagination it can not be that - though you seem so great - the partner or the partner turns to another person. It would greatly shake the apparent belief that it was worth it.

    How much you suffer from jealousy or heartache depends only on how much you believe this inferior or polyvalent person

    There is really not a single person in the world who is worth more or less than you or any other human.

    More and nature does not know less value.

    It's a pure illusion, but it's very prevalent.

    In plain English:

    Jealousy and heartache are the result of an illusion.

    The self-image (= ego = plus-minus history collection = personality) sees it all in a different way. This "thing" that produces suffering in the frame of jealousy or lovesickness is the same "thing" that may now loudly demand not to deal with the illusion behind emotional chaos.

    What you really are already is WONDER FULL.

    Without ifs and buts.

    What you believe about yourself and your life is a disaster.

    If that were not the case, you would not be jealous or heartbroken.

    Jealousy and heartache have absolutely nothing to do with what you really are but only with what you believe to be.

    And to understand that, you need absolutely nothing to believe me.You can always use this stress-hand brake again. But do not be tempted to keep it because the Stress Hand Brake does not address the cause and does not eliminate the cause of jealousy or heartache.

    One long-term effect is not expected.

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    I wish you as soon as possible

    to feel at ease without end ... because it is natural.

    Best regards

    Dr. med. Volker Mann


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