We all have learned and are used to looking for something for a headache when we have a headache. That seems logical to you too, right? Headache tablets, like many other measures, help against headaches. However, if you started with the cause, then the headache should not always come back. They always come and ...

A headache? Is it enough for you?

We all have learned and are used to looking for something for a headache when we have a headache. That seems logical to you, too?

Headache pills, like many other measures, help against headaches. However, if you started with the cause, then the headache should not always come back. But they come over and over again ...

If you have a hole in the roof of your house and only ever mop up the water on each floor, you'll always need to wipe it when it rains. Nobody would do that.

When it comes to health, we often do not ask consistently until we land at the hole in the roof, but are mostly satisfied with some concept, on the basis of which treatment will take place.

You may have had headaches for many years or even decades and have already tried many different preparations, methods and therapies.

But the headache have come back again and again ... otherwise you would probably not read this article.

So it is logical and appropriate to consistently question and look at what is behind the headache .. right?

The number of adults who suffer from headaches and are now also likely to affect a similar number of adolescents and young adults is surprisingly high. ( 56 million people? with recurring headaches in Germany alone, a few numbers and sources at the bottom of this text)

Even if it's only half as many pain-stricken people as If most calculations say, something might be suspected, that something generally can not be true !

In traditional medicine, only about ten percent, the so-called secondary headaches, within conventional medical examinations something that is then regarded as a cause.

There are over 200 different types of headache. In about 90%, frankly, the cause is unknown.

Therefore, the best option within traditional thinking is simply treating the pain so as to be able to treat people with a headache There are also numerous theories and concepts in the field of alternative medicine and a large number of supposed triggers for the headache, which are treated in the most different ways.

In order to end the headaches in the long term, it is not enough to take any preparations or occasionally do some relaxation exercises or meditations.

We have already mentioned a consistent questioning ...

Almost every human being questions that kind of question. You may even think that you are already questioning a great deal ... but have you ever kept asking and asking and consistently questioning yourself?

Then you always get to the point that we People have no idea about nature itself .What illusion is it talking about?

If I tell you now that it is the widespread illusion that we humans believe that we are that personality (= ego = self-image = Plus Minus History Collection), this will not help you here, nor will it help you with your headache.

This is a very widespread illusion that is still only an illusion to some people today And I want to tell you quite honestly that it can take quite a while for this illusion to no longer affect how you feel. Not because it's so difficult to offer you, but the habit of thinking and acting out of the fictional personality can sometimes seem very strong and stubborn.

Normal are recurring headaches already, as more than 50% of the population is affected.

Of course, they are not.

Normal is also to believe that we are this personality, with all its supposed positive and negative aspects. (that's probably well over 99% of the population at the moment)

Of course, that's just as little as your headache.

Almost all people Believe today about themselves and the environment and often want to be right and know better than others. Nobody wants to have the fear that is always coupled with the entire know-how.

The belief in knowing and anxiety/stress always go hand in hand ". While this is unknown to most people, it is easily understood by anyone who takes the time to take a closer look.


Try yourself now to feel anxious without using a story you believe it to be.

Close your eyes now and try

Try it - now.

Can you do that?

For more accurate, more logical Consideration becomes obvious that headaches, like many other illnesses also , are caused by the fact that today we are almost collectively "distracting" ourselves from our true nature.


To believe in my true nature ...? You may be wondering, that sounds very strange! Yes, in the beginning certainly for most people, but it is perfectly logical ... and as I said before, you should and absolutely need me nothing to believe.We almost collectively believe that we are that "weird thing", what we call personality, self-image or ego.

Logically, however, it quickly becomes clear that that this is completely paranoid.

Not that I want to persuade you now even a paranoia, in addition to your headache, but this is a very widespread illusion, which you have only taken from your environment and believed and never really questioned.

If the personality itself is considered a fact, so as real, then many of the therapies offered today are conclusive.

. It's a pure plus-minus history collection that's here - now - never to be found.

Only more than now - the presence - never exists!

It's a collective, momentous misconception that we believe in BEING , which is never here now?

So if the anxiety /stress to a very high percentage

fear and stress but always need the belief that we are that personality,

Then the question arises,

whether tackling headaches,

which are almost always related to stress/anxiety,

and behind the fear the belief is that personality ,

is only the result of an illusion ?

If If you have enough of the headache and anxiety/stress, then it is advisable that the illusion of the purely believed person It will also be obvious to you. This may dissipate the result of this illusion - the headache - without really taking care of it.

The personality, this plus-minus history collection, is only needed to suffer. Of course, to feel good for no reason without reason is not necessary.

So you have nothing to lose.

In PresenceMedicine The whole believed illogicality of the personality with completely understandable logic completely taken apart, so that what is left, what is natural and real.

Any illusion can only work and lead to a result, as long as possible intense) is believed to be true and real.

And your headaches are not an illusion, you feel that.

But the cause is an illusion that Anyone who is willing to question everything can see through.

That which you and us humans are all really knows no fear and no stress.

Je After how intense you feel the learned ideas about yourself (self-image) and about the world, you feel more or less anxiety/stress.

Every human i It's all part of nature and everything in nature is perfect - perfect -.

Everything in your body is a great marvel.

But if we humans are our true nature "Broken faith" is the result of headaches and many other unpleasant consequences at all levels.

We humans do not understand nature and not how health or healing works. That We often pretend that we know it, and it does not change that fact.

Everything miraculously happens on its own. All information is smooth in the body Ensuring process must exist in nature.Presence medicine is also not a new concept or theory, philosophy or esoteric or spiritual direction.

It's all about looking closely together, which is natural and real.

You should and need me to believe absolutely nothing.

In the short term, I can offer you the "stress-handbrake", which many people soon find relief quite quickly. You can find the "Stress Handbrake" by clicking here.

If you

want to feel completely at ease for no reason without reason With no headache, you will not fail to see through this sorrowful, purely believed personality is a sheer illusion ...

No matter what "this thing" may tell you now ...

and that can be quite a lot 🙂

Best regards

Dr. med. Volker Mann

Former "headache-plagued" report:

Mr. Ernst Keller

Some customer employees have the habit of making their decisions almost always on Friday afternoons from 15:00 to announce negative or contentious issues. The weekend after that was always ruined: The fear of having done something wrong or not right, I could not get out of my head => headache, restlessness, bad sleep. Who was always afraid? The decision Wisser and the guys and aunts in my head, who always knew better and are always looking for a different strategy, solution or actionism, (the black hole of the Presence medicine poster), etc. ... The plus - minus illusion has come to fruition , Since I realize that the personality/ego has nothing to do with me, such "messages for the weekend" have lost their effect ...

Ms. Andrea Gartner

Since the age of puberty, she has suffered I have a headache. Recent years with an increase to weekly 24-hour attacks with vomiting every 5 minutes. Since 2013, thanks to Dr. It was clear to me that I can not be that personality that I believed to be and have to be, and that I do not need the stress it creates, that I am free from any kind of headache. And it does not need any medications or any other therapies, whether physical or psychic. It works without any effort.

A few headaches:

About 4-5% (3.2-4 million people) of the German population suffer from daily dysfunction and about 70% (56 million people) suffer from seizure-related or chronic (recurring) headaches. (Source: Wikipedia)

It is said that more than 70 percent of Germans suffer from headaches at times; one in four is haunted regularly. Every day, 900,000 people are victims of a migraine attack, 100,000 of them are so ill that they can not work. " (Source: Stern: Common Sickness Headache: The Silent Suffering)

Migraines is the most common neurological disorder, affecting about eight to ten percent of men and ten to 25 percent of women in Germany. With 40 million women and 40 million men in Germany, that would be 3.2-4 million men and 4-10 million women! (Source: April 26, 2018: New migraine guideline published: Patients in Germany need better care) Joint press release of the German Society of Neurology (DGN) and the German Migraine and Headache Society (DMKG)

You can let it be accepted

If you realize that all reviews are an illusion, you do not have to accept anything....


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