"I am." Everything that comes after the point, you are not, you can not be, you were not in the past, and you will never be in the future. What comes after the "I am." Is just the fictional personality, the self-image, the ego - a story about you. Everything after the ...

All the problems of this world come from a single delusion

"I am."
all that comes after the point you are not, you can not be

you were not in the past,
and will never be in the future.

What comes after the "I am." is just the fictional personality that is Self-image, the ego - a story about you.

Anything that comes after the "I am." Believe you just to be , but you can not be able to do it.

All the "problems" of this world stem from the collective paranoia (delusion) that we humans are that personality.

If we look closely together, it is utterly illogical to believe that that we are that personality.

But if we humans believe ben that we are something that comes after the "I am." ...

  • it seems as if fear or stress belongs to us humans
  • it seems as if believing is important to us humans or even
  • it seems that illnesses to life are part of it
  • it seems that the general Relationship chaos between us humans - that's how it is -
  • the idea seems absolutely real that there are serious and important things to do here on earth
  • begins manipulation and corruption, as Consequences of the idea that there are important goals to achieve here on earth
  • begin the different forms of lovelessness/crime
  • ...

Im In the year 2000, I unexpectedly "popped out" of this illusion.
So far, I have done very little in publicNo special knowledge is needed.

There is a chance, not least because of newer technologies and the internet, that the suffering on this wonderful earth will drastically decrease, or even disappear.

It starts with everyone - with you.

If we continue to focus only on the results of an underlying illusion, rather than the underlying illusion itself, nothing can change in the long term

And - it can only be more natural for everyone, it means being lighter, more peaceful, more loving.

  • Thoughts are always in your head ...
    ... but you are not your thoughts
  • emotions/feelings appear in you ...
    ... but you are not your emotions/feelings
  • Symptoms appear in your body ...
    ... but you are not your symptoms or illnesses
  • You always believe something or you think you know something ...
    ... but you are not Do Your Beliefs
  • You have probably done one or more training courses, but ... but you are not your education, degrees, titles, certificates
  • You also use or like certain items They "belong" to you based on established rules ...
    ... but they are not your things you "own"
  • You grew up in a family ...
    ... but you are not your family
    ... You are not a father, a child or a spouse
  • Countless ratings - positive and negative - have been awarded to you ...
    ... but you are not these ratings

It's something that's always HERE, while all the other situations, things, thoughts, emotions, etc. have come and gone.

And that which is always here, what we humans are really, this presence, can not know anything about it, because it's easy. "

Take a quick look at what's left over when You have absolutely no idea who you are, what you are and how you are?

The lightness of being is not gibberish and not a privilege for a few nerds, but a logical fact and for every human.

Because the habit is so strong for many people, or rather seems so strong, it presents itself as a way until the illusion is no longer actively maintained.

It's about what's beyond concepts.
And that's obvious to every human being and does not have to be believed by anyone.

But illogic must be believed and not questioned
otherwise the whole illusionary construct will collapse.

That which is real can not coincide.
Only the illusionary can collapse and that is no loss.

And so too the argument that we can not just be - and that then nothing will progress and we would still be sitting in the trees, if everyone would think so ...
... you have to believe that too :-),
because where it is not believed that we are this personality, there is no fear.
But creativity is bigger, where less It's scary.

So without fear and without constant confrontation, we would probably already have much smarter technologies than today.

Do not believe me!

Best regards
Dr. med. med. Volker Mann


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