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Smoking is unhealthy.
The Marlboro man allegedly did not know it until the terrible bronchial carcinoma struck him. But those who do not understand today, that they have got flasks, kills, coffin nails and crab noodles, either live beyond Spelunkistan or rather splash at the shallow end of the gene pool.
You know that. Even without the colorful collecting pictures on the packs (did I already mention the scrapbook? I can not get percentages, but I still like to link it, because the idea could have come from me too!).
All right. Even the Marlboro-makers want to earn their money in other ways.

Investing in novel steamed dumplings and e-cigarettes and instead of pungent tobacco smoke, gummy bear scents are now floating all over the country .
But are these things really that healthy?
At least, as far as the tobacco heaters are concerned (as opposed to e-cigarettes), the experts are not so sure ...


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