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Take a closed container - say, a kind of container that holds about five to seven cubic meters. Because you put a dog in it - so a really nasty yapping and drooling baod. Then shut the door. And now the container is fumigated with an aerosol of carbon monoxide, ammonia, benzpyrene, cadmium, benzene, nitric oxide, formaldehyde, nitrosamines, tar particles and many other highly toxic substances.
And now run away very quickly before the animal protection association gets wind of it! Because who can be caught, would probably probably count on a display for animal cruelty.
So. Now we open the door again, let the mutt out and put a child in it.
A sweet, cute snot. Shut up and when the brat howls, then she gets another charge, until she is silent. Yeah, that's nasty.
That's really awesome. But it's allowed. At least if it is the container is a standard small car, the child properly strapped in the child seat and dad in front behind the steering wheel kippen one after the other wegquarzt. If dad happened to pass the police station, then he can horny loud and horny Turn on the men officials a nose - nothing happens, if he adheres to the local speed limit. If one wanted to forbid dad animal cruelty, then the corresponding law would be even unconstitutional, claimed our former Minister of Health.
How nice that his colleagues in other countries see it differently ...

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