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Yes, Mr. Strunzbichler, I am your mother's attending physician!
No, actually I do not have time, you can see that this is just Landunter, but if it is important to you, of course I take the time for You.
You are absolutely right, your mother is still lying in the corridor. However, we must be clear: Your mother is not on the floor, but she is in a bed, and this bed is currently in the hallway and will soon be pushed into a patient room.
When that happens? Exactly when a caregiver finds time to do so. No, probably not within the next two minutes. Not even within the next five minutes. Yes, it is quite possible that it will take another hour, because the room has yet to be cleaned. You want your mother to be in a clean room, are not you?
No, she does not get a single room. Yes, the room is occupied by four people, although only three really fit in and that too much is too tight.
Right, that's not nice. Neither for your mother, nor for the other room neighbors.
No, we can not push the other three roommates elsewhere, and certainly not in the corridor.
No, I did not know that your mother is a private patient, but Now I know it and I'm just as nice to her as to all other patients too.
No, I did not know that her brother-in-law is a good friend of Mr. Grosskopfert, who regularly goes golfing with our district administrator, but I think so That this information does not matter.
Yes, I also find that the conditions in this house are absolutely terrible, which may be because we have twice as many patients as usual and only half as many employees, and You are welcome to complain about it, and you are welcome to contact the district administrator personally. You do not even need to ask your brother-in-law or Herr Grosskopfert, and I sincerely wish you to stay healthy, and if you are not We welcome you at any time, even at three o'clock in the morning, but you may have to spend an hour in the corridor before the last healthy nurse takes you to an overcrowded quadruple room.


Schrapp, ratchet, clack. Rrrrratach, Klack, Schrapp. Schrapp. Rrraaaatsch. Ratchet. Rrrrrrrraaaaaatsch. Clack. Schrappt. Clack. Ratchet. What's up, damn shit? Looking at the clock: Not yet ......


... and now you build a few hundred kilometers on new walls. Small time jump complacent? You have to be at least thirty-five years old to remember: at that time there was ......


SoFi was yesterday. Or the day before yesterday. Or vorvorvorvorvor yesterday, at least a long time ago. Today is MoFi. MoFi is easier than SoFi, because after work, if you're not on duty, and you're on the go ......


Snore. Schnarchschnarchschnarchsägschnarch. Dark is the night. And still. Pleasantly quiet. Ring. Ringdüdelschrill. What? Ring. Ringdüdelschrill. I beg your pardon? Where am I? Oh yes, have service! & # ......