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Classes at hOMe Yoga Studio offer students a range of styles & options, but one thing remains consistent in any class;

our teachers are dedicated to guiding you through a safe practice with modifications & adjustments to help you deepen, strengthen, and grow.

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Basics/Gentle Yoga

All Levels


Gentle Yoga is a wonderful way to begin your yoga practice! We move slowly and specifically, introducing and developing standing, seated, and supine poses. Gentle classes are soothing and balancing, allowing you to calm the mind, center the breath, and access openness in the body. This class is encouraged for yoga students at all levels, newcomers or long-time yogis, as a welcoming and refreshing way to encourage your practice.





Vinyasa means "breath & movement;" in these classes you'll flow through sun salutations and creative variations, work towards peak poses, and incorporate the breath (pranayama) the entire time. Both invigorating and balancing, Vinyasa yoga is an incredibly powerful way to strengthen, stretch, play, explore, and deepen. Vinyasa is more challenging and faster paced than Gentle Vinyasa, though teachers continue to offer variations & modifications so that all students can find joy & safety in their practice. 


Sunrise Vinyasa



Our morning Sunrise Vinyasa practices offer creative, challenging, and playful sequences to help you dig into and expand your yoga practice before you head to work. Classes will offer pranayama, asana, meditation, peak poses, dharma talks, and more. Adjustments, variations, and up-level options are offered so that you are able to explore and enrich your personal practice both on & off the mat. Come play, strengthen, and start your day off right!


Core Flow

Intermediate/ Advanced


Core yoga is a dynamic, challenging class that works the entire body and specifically targets the core area from the abs through the thighs. You'll practice long holds, fast flow, inversions, arm balances, and you'll train your core muscles (not just the abdominals but the whole core system!) to strengthen and stretch. Each class will be different, come play & explore!


Gentle Vinyasa

All Levels


Gentle Vinyasa is a great way to learn the basics of a Vinyasa class with slower sun salutations and all levels peak poses. We emphasize the incredibly important process of linking the breath with the movements, and learn how to align and strengthen in many of the basic poses. Teachers offer variations and modifications so that students at all levels can find joy & safety in their practice.


Align & Flow

All Levels


We slow the flow in this class, giving students time to explore the depths of each pose rather than just flowing through them on the way to the next pose. In this way we take time to better understand the mechanics and dynamics of each pose, emphasizing safe alignment. We will deconstruct challenging peak poses to make them more accessible to all levels, and weave in layers of yogic philosophy for a robust and balanced practice. When we hold poses for longer our breath becomes our anchor, holding us steady through the chaotic seas of the chattering mind. Prepare to breathe deep, work hard, and gain a greater understanding of your body and mind.


Yin & Meditation

All levels


Yin & Meditation is a beautiful way to explore and/or deepen your experience of the Self through meditation practice. We will begin class with gentle, nourishing and deep yin poses, and then transition into a meditation practice that is focused on becoming more intimate and familiar with the inner presence and bliss that is your True Self. It's an opportunity to approach yourself with love, joy and playfulness. There are many forms of meditation, and we will explore different kinds of meditation each week, but overall we will cultivate your ability to hold various aspects of experience (body sensations, thoughts and emotions) in your awareness and to view them from a different perspective, and nurture states of spiritual feeling like peace, love, kindness, abundance, and joy with rich visualizations. This class is open to anyone at any level of meditation practice. Come with an open mind and a desire to explore and play in this experience.


Kid's Yoga

(Ages 3-8) All Levels


Let your kiddos come play and explore their breath, bodies and the world around them! For walking & potty trained kiddos age 3-8, we will move, dance, breathe big belly breaths and play in a way that supports laughter, wholeness, appreciation for self and connection with others! Parent/Guardian must be attending the adult yoga class for kiddo to attend Kid's Yoga.


Restorative Yoga

All Levels


Choose to relax and restore your mind, body, and spirit as you are guided into restorative, passive postures that promote deep, conscious relaxation while also supporting immunity and over all well-being. Our world is fast paced and stress filled. Intentionally slowing down your mind, body and breath is crucial in being present to all of your daily responsibilities, challenges and joys. As your body sinks into relaxation, your mind and spirit follow into this place of calm.


Gentle Flow & Let Go Yoga

All Levels


This class is great for all levels, including beginners. You'll ease through warm ups into mellow, soothing flows and finish the class off with a bit of Restorative, Yin, and possibly even Yoga Nidra. You're sure to feel stretched, relaxed, and joyful as you leave class. This is a great complement to faster paced Vinyasa classes, and everyone is encouraged to join in!


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