No, Mrs. Schrumpelköter, that's not how it works ... no, really not, what do you think about where you are here? Do you want an appointment? At our doctor? And then you think ...

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No, Mrs. Schrumpelköter, that's not how it works ... no, really not, what do you think about where you are here?
Do you want an appointment? At our doctor? And you think you could just call like that? Listen, what do you think, if everyone did that, where are we going, no, no, Frau Schrumpelköter, that's not the way it is!
Well, I'll explain that to you now. If you want to go to the doctor, you need an appointment!
Yeah, right!
So why are you calling, are you saying?
Now come on, I wanted to explain it to you, so , when do you have time to come by?
Heaven again, of course you can not just snow in the practice and go straight to the doctor, I explain to you all the time, you have an appointment That's right, now we've got in mid-February, and the quarter is almost over, so if you hurry and bring the card through this quarter, maybe we can Do something else in the next quarter, but you have to be fix!
Pardon? Why we need the health insurance card in this quarter, when the appointment is only in the next quarter?
Yes, of course, so that we the appointment ... so the date to make an appointment, so that we can also settle, you know, you get nothing is given, that's how it is in life!
Pardon me? In the next quarter .... Of course, expect that in the next quarter, if you see the doctor!
What if we twice ...? Yes, you are in our practice twice, once now and once in the next quarter?
What? You only see the doctor once?
Yes, listen, do you think the doctor has time to take care of all the trash?
Now do not be rude, Mrs. Schrumpelköter, and if you in this life If you want to see a doctor at some point, then do not just fool it with us, we'll see who is sitting here on the longer lever!
That's how it is!
Unfortunately it really is .... again and again: resident physician colleagues require new patients, that one "in advance for appointment" personally and "brings the card."
The card is of course read - and thus a fictional doctor's contact billed, if necessary, here and there chewed a bit (maybe the doctor actually pushes the hand in passing). That's a definite scam.
But ... half so bad, because everybody does it, right?

  • The assistant doctor described this cheating already last year - but I did not want to believe it ....

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