Anyone can become a doctor. Well, at least in principle: if you have a high school diploma, of course, good enough to create the NC, and this is at ... puh ... einskommanull, almost everywhere, not ...

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Anyone can become a doctor.
So, at least in principle: if you have a high school diploma, of course, good enough to create the NC, and that is at these days ... phew ... einskommanull, almost everywhere, right? Honestly, I was not that good, back then. Okay, the hurdles are not without, if you want to get a study place. And the study itself also has it, at least the first years, and then you still have to pass the exam, but then you're a doctor. Finally!
Pustekuchen, say those who need to know better: anyone who has studied medicine, is a physician. A doctor is far from being a doctor. You can not become a doctor, you have to be a doctor: it is you, or you are not, and who it is, it has always been, point, basta!
"You are born or you are born to a doctor never. Benevolent gods give him gifts in the cradle, which can only be given, but never acquired. "- that is what the clever kid Erwin Liek once said in the first third of the last century (although it may be interesting to which religious community he actually belonged he speaks of gods in the majority). So being a doctor is something very special, it's either a cradle or not.
Hmm. So far, I've always thought that a doctor is a normal job like any other person - a little more social prestige than a garbage man (which I would not have said anything against garbage men and women) and a little less money than an investment banker or top lawyer. But honestly, so completely among us, I'm pretty sure that when I was in the diapers and slept in a cot (cradles were, as far as I know, in my time not so common) was not a doctor , Not really. Are you now disappointed?
I became it only during my studies ... or perhaps only after?
Admittedly: not everyone who passes the medical state examination successfully becomes a good doctor. There may even be colleagues who have passed the exam with flying colors and top marks and still (or because of that?) Are terrible doctors.
There are even terrible criminals, murderers and even mass murderers in our profession: People - I am ashamed here To put the word "colleague" in the mouth - so lousy guys who have given their conscience to the wardrobe.
Which we were on the subject: a doctor should have something like a conscience. He should feel something of appreciation for his patients (and other people). A doctor should act ethically.
The magic word is "empathy". Empathy is the ability and willingness to think of other people.
Not every person is empathetic. There are people who lack all empathy - closely related to this is the clinical picture of dissocial personality disorder, in its severe form also known as "psychopathy". Now it is obvious that psychopaths are usually not good doctors - although there are areas of expertise in which empathy is not quite as important - I am thinking, for example, of pathologists and laboratory physicians (please no surgeon jokes at this point!) , Anyone who wants to deal with patients - and this should be the overwhelming majority of all colleagues - should at some point have some thoughts on empathy.
Now you should not confuse empathy with pity. According to Wikipedia, empathy also includes "the ability to respond adequately to other people's feelings," such as compassion, grief, pain, and helpfulness, but above all, it is about perceiving and judging feelings - one's own and those of others to be able to.Empathy can be learned in the same way that anatomical structures, physiological processes and the development and treatment of illnesses can be learned.
Empathy is indeed taught, by the way - at least there are enough opportunities for empowered students and young physicians learn. If you want. Whether you want that and whether it really helps you in your career is of course another matter.
But to get back to the starting point: Yes, you can really learn to be a doctor - and you also have to do it, because it is It's just not born of any kind.

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