R.I.P - No, not me, but the others! | Medizynicus doctor blog

I'm just going through my blogroll. Nobody else does it anymore. Blogrolls seem to be "out", who still blogs, does not need to link other bloggers. But who still blogs at all?

Let's start with the five "Best of" from my blogroll:

1.) Beyond the end - formerly Anna 8-er-Tubus - stopped blogging.
2.) doctor on board - last post from February 2017, after all, the old blog is not deleted yet!
3.) Hermione's Rescue Blog - also nothing new since February 2017
4.) The New Hippocrates - after all an article in March 2018, before that a few from February, then a break since the beginning of 2017, before that 4 years break
5.) Psychiatry to Go - Hey, he's alive !!! - this is the only blog that has survived, continuously and regularly there are still good and solid contributions

... then we go on Complete Blogroll along:
KinderDoc and PharMama - both archetypes for over 10 years, and both still full of life!
Chaos Josephine, Monsterdoc, Krangewarefahrer, Avialle - all more or less ger dead.
The assistant doctor - who has been blogging for twelve years and now at least should be at least a medical specialist, after all, sometimes writes.

Otherwise: wherever you look, either dead or apparent ... the General Data Protection Regulation should have spoiled pretty much all the desire to blog. Too bad. But that's the way it is. Blogging is history. Blogging is nothing but zero years, and they're long gone.

Life has become easier! What used to be complicated and took several hours to live can now be done in just a few clicks. For example the sick cry ......

... and now you build a few hundred kilometers on new walls. Small time jump complacent? You have to be at least thirty-five years old to remember: at that time there was ......

A global analysis in 2017 revealed that while a GP in Bangladesh spends only 48 seconds with a patient, a doctor in Sweden has an average of 22.5 minutes left. Englis ......

Of course it is to feel good for no reason without reason. But you have to be willing to question everything. If, in the midst of collective madness, you still feel a spark of hope for a "natural" life, then it may well be worth reading further. How much do you still want to suffer? ......