Life has become easier! What used to be complicated and took several hours to live can now be done in just a few clicks. For example the sick cry ...

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Life has become easier! What used to be complicated and took several hours to live can now be done in just a few clicks.
For example, the sick leave.
So: There you lie in bed with just under forty degrees fever, coughs and coughs one off and working ... that's not really possible today. Just lie down, cure and tomorrow or the day after tomorrow things may look quite different. Brav you set the alarm clock, picks up the phone in the morning at three minutes past eight, calls in the company, Human Resources please ... oh ... actually? Such a shit you think, while the phone angrily slams into the corner (thirty years ago, one would have "cracked the phone angrily on the fork," but nowadays hardly anyone knows that there were phones with forks) sighing, one torments himself out of bed, coughs a bit, collects the phone again, googles the number of his family doctor - if you have one at all, otherwise you have to google first, where there is near the residence at all a family doctor , When you're done with the googling, then you dial with shaky fingers a number, presses cursing on re-election - because with almost certainly the number is occupied - so you choose again and again and again and then when you get through sometime, you end up Of course, first in the waiting loop until finally an annoyed sounding female voice answers:
"Practice Doctor ..."
"Tomorrow, I need an appointment!"
"Are you patient with us?"
"Not so far, but ..."
"Sorry, we're not accepting any new patients ..."
"Really not?"
"Let's see ... .. Next Friday, fourteen thirty?"
"Uh .... Maybe today? "
" Isses an emergency? "
Another convincing Huster, then you receive the gracious permission, but now please come immediately into the practice and bring along a lot of time, because Monday morning, you know!
Coughing and shivering, one balances his body effortlessly into the horizontal, past the toilet and shower to the apartment door - coffee must be cut out today, chamomile tea also, no time - and drags itself into practice.
After an hour and a half waiting time then finally, the redeeming Weißkittel contact: heard briefly on the lungs, tongue stick out and "Aaaaaaa!" - say, thirty seconds to the verdict: "Is'n virus! Go back to bed and cure yourself! "
Thank you, Doctor, I would not have come on my own, but here is not the place for sarcasm, so quickly here with the medical certificate ...
" Hättense but only on third day ... "
No, my employer is demanding it on the first day. Is that so, may he, may he really, do not need to shake his head, Doctor, oh, can not you just give me a whole week so I can really cure myself?
Now to the post office, stamp and buy the envelope to send the valuable document on the way, so you do not risk a warning ...

That was yesterday!

Today you do not need to leave the bed at all: You google around a bit and get the coveted yellow bill then via WhatsApp. Without a doctor's visit, but legally: a clever lawyer has found a loophole and quickly exploited to a business idea. That's not nice. Why did not the family doctor in town come up with the idea?

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